Validated & Trusted Analytics

Vision & Areas of Expertise


To be the preferred partner for organizations across business initiatives from Data Warehousing to BI & AI


Delivering enterprise-grade advanced analytics solutions, enabling simplified consumption and driving higher value for the business

Data Engineering
  • Data Warehousing / Maintenance; Data Lake Creation
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Hive, Hadoop, etc
  • Big Data & Traditional RDBMSs
  • Automated ETL process for data extraction and collation
  • Data enrichment, sanitization, archival & purging expertise by certified SMEs
Data Science
  • AI based solutions with expertise in computer vision, natural language processing, image processing etc.
  • Machine learning & Deep learning based solution accelerators to speed up the development process, ensuring highest levels of accuracy
  • Enterprise level scalability and consumption
Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Analytical Maturity assessment & roadmapping
  • Business Reporting & Dashboarding using multiple open source & licensed BI technologies
  • Report Rationalization
  • Insight & Recommendation generation

Affine AI Success Stories – Customer Validated

Some Customer Success Stories

  • Analytics Partner of Choice for more than 35 Fortune 500 companies – Enablement is the core of the relationships
  • Successfully delivered solutions across CRM, Sales, Marketing, Digital, Risk, Fraud Et. al – From Concept to Results
  • Brings capabilities across the analytics spectrum – From Enterprise Data Management to Visualization to Predictive Analytics to AI
  • Flexibility across engagements – R&D, Consultative, Analytical Assessment, Projects Based, Extended Teams, Complete BOTM
  • Team of 350 Analytics & Decision Sciences Practitioners and growing

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