About Us


Mr. Sampath Iyengar


Mr. Iyengar is currently a Partner in a Growth capital Private equity fund where he specializes in Technology and Financial services sectors. He has been associated with the Technology and FS verticals since the 1980s in consulting and leadership roles across US, EMEA, Asia, Pacific (Wang Labs, CMC/TCS, Andersen Consulting, Co-Founder & Global CEO – Foundation Technology Group, Global CEO IT business/Aditya Birla group). Mr. Iyengar is also a mentor to the Fintech industry, an advisor on Digital transformation and a policy advisor on Innovation and Finance. He is currently based in India/USA.

Mr. Gaurav Anand


Mr. Anand is a post graduate in business administration and Law with around two decades experience in EMEA region. He successfully built ICICI’s business in Oman followed by regional coverage with UBS. He went on to build a successful regional franchise for First Rand Bank, Africa’s largest financial institution by market capitalisation. Mr. Anand is currently also an advisor in the Financial services industry. Mr. Anand’s expertise straddles Consulting, Investment banking, Financial advisory and business leadership.